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  • Geo Mashup 1.0 Beta 2 Release

    A couple of adjustments were needed to run under WordPress 2.1. The GeoMashup home page has been updated. This may be the release I eventually call 1.0. There were 125 downloads of 1.0 Beta 1, and no issues reported.

  • Geo Mashup 1.0 Beta 1 Release

    A Christmas present of sorts – some bleeding edge software for you! I’ve used some of my holiday break time to start implementing a few features I’ve been eager to add to the Geo Mashup Plugin. I’ve made a lot of changes in this one that will need some testing, so I’m going to release […]

  • Geo Mashup 0.5.2 Release

    More minor updates to the WordPress plugin. Get it on the download page. Added a setting for whether to automatically open the center marker info window. Removed logging that caused errors in IE. Added a hook for custom map operations in custom-marker.js, example in custom-marker-sample.js. Fixed an error when no page slugs are found. Changed […]

  • Geo Mashup 0.5.1 Release

    I’ve made enough small fixes and patches to warrant a small release. No new features, mostly help for those having trouble. Get it on the download page. Added log messages for debugging, and an option to display them. If there are no posts with coordinates, center on lat,lon 0,0. Order geo queries by post date […]

  • Geo Mashup 0.5 Release

    This release of the Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin includes some of the feature requests I’ve been getting. Others I’m still working on. I’ve seen some errors that I haven’t figured out yet, but they’re not showstoppers so I figured you might want the new features in the meantime. Still in the future: the coordinate entry […]

  • Geo Mashup 0.4.1 Released

    No new features in this release. I’ve decided to drop all dependency on the WordPress RSS feeds – these are just done too many different ways. Most problems with posts not displaying in the infowindow have been due to this dependency. So there is now one less place for things to go wrong, and I […]

  • Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin Release 0.4

    The move to Google Maps API version 2 is the motivator for this release, since Google will eventually turn off version 1. The API has also removed the XSLT functionality I was using to render the post in the infowindow.  I suspected this functionality was causing some of the loading problems people have experienced too, […]

  • Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin Release 0.3.1

    This is a minor bugfix release. See the download page for more on the plugin. Changes in this release: Fixed a bug that limited the map to 10 markers in some installations Updated links to use the blog URL rather than the installation where appropriate

  • Geo Mashup 0.3 WordPress Plugin Released

    The 0.3-beta package has been out for a while now, and is in use on a number of sites, so I’m dropping the beta. Check the download page for more. This release includes some minor fixes: Fixed Firefox entity unescaping – those nasty ‖ sequences should be gone. Removed some experimental code. Moved the included […]

  • Geo Mashup Plugin 0.3 Beta

    Sunday was windy and cold, so I sat in my lazyboy and cranked out some more more code. I believe this version of the Geo Mashup plugin is generally usable, but I’m calling it Beta until I know at least a few people have it working. New stuff: Added a special tag (<!–GeoMashup–>) to allow […]