Geo Mashup 0.3 WordPress Plugin Released

The 0.3-beta package has been out for a while now, and is in use on a number of sites, so I’m dropping the beta. Check the download page for more. This release includes some minor fixes:

  • Fixed Firefox entity unescaping – those nasty ‖ sequences should be gone.
  • Removed some experimental code.
  • Moved the included styles above the scripts.
  • Added the Microsoft VML style declaration.
  • Made included script XHTML compliant.
  • Changed the misleading geo-rss.php filename to geo-query.php.
  • Added escaping and type checking of SQL inputs to the geo-query.
  • Changed sort order of results to post_id instead of meta_id. This should make the most recent post the default map center, instead of the most recently updated geo coordinate.
  • Added a geo-query parameter for limiting the number of results.

7 responses to “Geo Mashup 0.3 WordPress Plugin Released”

  1. Hi, clicked through from j-walk. That’s a sweet-looking plugin. I’ll have to try it out on a Yosemite trek map of mine to see if I can get it to work.

  2. Thanks! One of the things that makes me happy with this plugin is that it’s fun to look at the maps people make with it. Welcome to the hobolog.

  3. Hi,

    Nice to see you’ve removed the beta tag – seems to work pretty much perfectly now 🙂

    Those pesky “‖” have indeed all vanished, so the outputs lovely and clean and seems to be working well with wordpress2 too.

    thanks again 🙂


  4. Hi again!

    Perhaps the problem has to do with adding geotags to old posts? It seems to work fine with new posts, and it seems to work for some old posts, but on others, it just refuses to notice the tags when I add them. Doesn’t seem to be a cutoff date, or a cutoff in the order they’re placed in the database (I have a large chunk of posts with high IDs but old dates, imported from Blogger recently).

    I don’t see any obvious commonalities either.

    Am I missing something obvious?



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