Geo Mashup 0.5 Release

This release of the Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin includes some of the feature requests I’ve been getting. Others I’m still working on. I’ve seen some errors that I haven’t figured out yet, but they’re not showstoppers so I figured you might want the new features in the meantime. Still in the future: the coordinate entry interface provided by Geo is begging for additional entry methods, especially now that Google has finally put geocoding into the Maps API. But, on to what I have done:

  • Added a call to apply_filters so other plugin tags can be parsed for the infowindow excerpt.
  • Fixed response to overlapping boundary queries (low zoom levels).
  • Added features for category maps.
  • Fixed problems with zoom level zero settings.
  • Added a user tag for category title.
  • Added GUnload call to prevent memory leaks.
  • New feature to easily use a custom marker icon.
  • Eliminated the need for the body tag onload call by putting the script in the footer (nod to Yongfook).
  • Now continues with a warning if geo.php is not detected.
  • Added a template tag show_on_map_link as an alias for post_link.
  • Fixed geo-query caching.
  • Improved formatting of post excerpt, text or HTML.
  • Added filter for unpublished posts (thanks Jesse).
  • Added an option to choose whether to display future posts.
  • Added an option to format the infowindow excerpt as text or HTML.
  • Added an option to specify the length of the infowindow excerpt.
  • Fixed one more cause of the loading hang problem.
  • IE fixes to showPost.
  • IE fixes to the infowindow display of multiple posts, may help loading hangups too.

Have a nice weekend.

17 responses to “Geo Mashup 0.5 Release”

  1. Having just installed 0.41, this is a much simpler version to get running. One thing that would be nice would be to specify a zoom level for each post along with it’s location.

    Ben 🙂

  2. Doh, I didn’t realise you released a new version.

    Anyway, my maps are working again, but Opera 8 and 9 are still broken (same error as version 0.4.1)

    Secondly, you don’t show multiple posts at the same location anymore 🙁

    Otherwise sweet! I will defintly be using your catagories post option.

  3. I have found the problem, but I don’t know what the solution is.

    Owen’s “Gonewalkabout” works fine in opera, but my website does not. So it’s something wrong with my website.

    The solution (I think) is that owen’s website has the lines:

    GeoMashup.loadLat = “-27.846565”;
    GeoMashup.loadLon = “134.472656”;
    GeoMashup.loadZoom = 4;

    in his GeoMashup() function while my website does not.

    How do i Fix this?

  4. Any idea where to get the latest Geo plugin? The WP plugin repository that you and many others point to is apparently dead.

  5. Hello again.

    Something my website is doing is preventing it working with opera. I havn’t found the problem yet. And multiple posts at the same location does work, however only title and meta data is shown, no excerpts.

    Anyway, my new problem:

    I have put the show_on_map_link into my blog, however when it goes to the map page, it doesn’t bring up the post that the link was created with, instead it brings the most recent post. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for the hard work you are doing for this plugin.

  6. Hello again.

    I have fixed my website! I thought I would share the problems and their solutions so that others could benifit.

    Geo-mashup would work fine in IE, but not in Opera or Firefox

    Make sure that any wordpress plugins you have don’t have any whitespaces after their last closing php tag.

    Geo-mashup would work fine in IE and Firefox, but not in Opera.

    I found that something was making the php helper file geo-query.php return as a 404, instead of a 200. I fixed this by putting the line:

    status_header( 200 );




    header(‘Content-type: text/xml; charset=’.get_settings(‘blog_charset’), true);

    in geo-query.php

    Opera is really fussy on XMLHttpRequest results. It doesn’t like whitespaces before the opening xml tab (caused by naughty wordpress plugins), and it ignores any payload returned if the result was a 404 (unlike IE and firefox, that ignore the 404, and still accept the XML payload).

  7. I’m Back!

    the fix I gave above was WRONG, for two reasons.

    1) It got HTMLd, so you can’t just copy and paste it.

    2) Second, I forgot the l when replacing it.

    it should be (hopefully my excaping will work here)

    echo preg_replace('/\&l/', '&', $link);

  8. Ok, I don’t know where my last post went.

    However the fix I gave in comment #9 was wrong.

    the second single-quoted item should be:


    I would have typed it out, but the comment system filters it out as HTML guff.

  9. Hi, Cyberhobo!

    Since I’m living an Germany and forced to bear a surname impossible to spell for most foreigners, I had to use this for my domain.
    Here comes the problem: my wordpress blog is at http://www.hö,depending on the browser, the blog can be found at http://www.hö, hö, or Wanting desperately to use the Geo Mashup, I registered four different API-keys to cope with the differing domains.
    I already found a help on
    but since I can only enter one API-key in the Plugin’s options, I wonder how I can solve this problem.

  10. Hi,

    I installed geo-mashup, activated and included it into a single page in my wordpress. But all I can see is the following –
    a blank map without any content. This problem seems to be not only on my site – I read about it in different board – but there are no solutions.
    Do you have any idea ?
    thx from Germany

  11. OlliF: If you enter coordinates for a post the map should load and center there. I should probably have a default center point so you can at least see it’s working – just haven’t added it yet.

  12. Very cool plugin. One feature request, though. What about the route indicator that Google uses for directions? That would be very useful for roadtrips and other itinerant wanderings.

    In addition, Safari gives DOM errors when there are two posts with the same location. The log entry looks like this:

    2006-08-08 12:37:52.953 Safari[282] *** -[HTMLSourceController currentWebView]: selector not recognized [self = 0x4589a560]

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