Geo Mashup 0.4.1 Released

No new features in this release. I’ve decided to drop all dependency on the WordPress RSS feeds – these are just done too many different ways. Most problems with posts not displaying in the infowindow have been due to this dependency. So there is now one less place for things to go wrong, and I think it will help the plugin work in many more configurations of WordPress.

Available on the Geo Mashup page.

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  1. Hi this is great, im not sure which one to install Ive found 3 current wp-google maps plug-ins all with somewhat differant features, it would be nice to somehow incorporate them all.

    I would be willing to donate money for some improved features as ive also posted on the other plug-in sites, they include;

    Not being dependant on geo plug-in, point-click to get lat/long (already supported by google api) address and raw format when authoring a post.
    Image support for infowindow or a more streamlined way to show posts when clicking infowindow, I find your a bit overkill since its like showing the post 2 times.
    Support for ‘show on map’ button similar to yonkfooks plug-in.

    cheers and let me know if you need support or are interested.

  2. Thanks Rob.

    My plugin supports a link that works like Yonkfook’s button. The template tag is called post_link(), which probably isn’t clear enough about what it does: make a link to the map from each post with coordinates.

    There have been a lot of good feature requests lately, and some of them will be in the next release. Some of them I want to take the time to do the way I think they should be done.

    I’ll take donations at any time as encouragement, but if you really want to ensure that you like the features I suggest you wait until the next release and contribute if you find it worthy.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Heya.

    I have two problems:
    1) If I set the zoom to 2, markers don’t appear until I zoom out
    2) doesn’t work with Opera 8.54 (explained below)

    Bascially I am getting a javascript error:
    “message: Statement on line 410: Could not convert undefined or null to object
    Line 410 of linked script
    return new k(a.x + this.Ga.width, a.y + this.Ga.height);

    I’ve concluded this is some sorta wacky timing issue, as I have seen similar errors when I try to play with a googlemap before calling map.setCenter.

    I got the map to show If I hack geo-mashup.js to call map.setcenter right after if creates the map (ie on the next line) in GeoMashup.loadMap. But then it seems to ignore the zoom and center, and markers don’t show at all.

    I’m not a great code hacker, so im stuck for now.

  4. I think I have figured out the problem with #1

    I had set the zoom to level 0 (whole world) centred on New Zealand.

    I don’t think your script can handle map bounds that cross from the +/-180 degree line.

  5. I think you’re right, thanks! I think I should be able to get that fixed in the next release.

    Opera I haven’t tested at all, I’ll have install it & take a look.

  6. Cheers Guv!

    If you’re low on work ;-), another thing I was meaning to look into was getting photopress tags to work (or any plugin’s tags) when showing the excerpt in the google speech bubble thingie.

    Currently, it just shows the photopress plugin tag before photopress has got to parse it.

  7. Heya,

    I think google might have changed their backend, because now the mashup doesn’t work on any browser (ie, firefox or opera).

    Secondly, posts that are drafts are (were) appearing on the postmap.

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