Geo Mashup 1.0 Beta 2 Release

A couple of adjustments were needed to run under WordPress 2.1. The GeoMashup home page has been updated.

This may be the release I eventually call 1.0. There were 125 downloads of 1.0 Beta 1, and no issues reported.

4 responses to “Geo Mashup 1.0 Beta 2 Release”

  1. 1.0 beta2 works fine with my WP2.1 installation, but I get the ‘Google Maps API key registered for a different site’ warning every time I compose a new post.

  2. Just register one key for your domain (, and use it site wide. The plugin uses the same API key for both the admin interface and map page.

  3. Does anyone know how to put the map on the main index.php page instead of putting the map on a page? Please help. thanks in advance

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