Geo Mashup 0.5.2 Release

More minor updates to the WordPress plugin. Get it on the download page.

  • Added a setting for whether to automatically open the center marker info window.
  • Removed logging that caused errors in IE.
  • Added a hook for custom map operations in custom-marker.js, example in custom-marker-sample.js.
  • Fixed an error when no page slugs are found.
  • Changed some error output to support more versions of PHP.
  • Re-added IE line VML declaration, enabling polylines in the customizeMap function.

3 responses to “Geo Mashup 0.5.2 Release”

  1. I’m still having some issues drawing polylines. It works in firefox, but the polylines cause IE to give me an ‘operation aborted’ message. I did update to the new version.

  2. Yo,

    i changed some of your code, maybe you can insert it into your next release?

    it enables the title of a marker, so that it gets a tooltip when your scroll over with the mouse.

    in geo-query.php:

    @ line 13, after
    $opts = get_settings(‘geo_mashup_options’);

    $locations = get_settings(‘geo_locations’);

    @ line 63
    add , $locations to the globals

    @ line 132


    list($lat,$lon) = split(‘,’,$row->meta_value);


    $location_name = ”;
    foreach($locations AS $location_name=>$location_pos)

    list($loc_lat, $loc_lon) = split(‘,’, $location_pos);

    if($loc_lat == $lat && $loc_lon == $lon)

    $location = $location_name;



    replace at line 146:

    echo ‘ID.’” lat=”‘.$lat.’” lon=”‘.$lon.”\” title=’”. $location .”‘ />\n”;

    in geo-mashup:

    change GeoMashup.createMarker = function(point)
    GeoMashup.createMarker = function(point, titlepoint) {

    in this function, change

    marker = new GMarker(point);


    marker = new GMarker(point, {‘title’:titlepoint});

    now, at
    var marker = GeoMashup.createMarker(point);

    change it to:

    var marker = GeoMashup.createMarker(point, markers[i].getAttribute(“title”));

    tadaa 🙂

  3. Hi there..

    I need your held regards to comments above. I want the markers in my web gets a tooltip (title) when i scroll over with the mouse. Could you help me?
    my web:

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