Geo Mashup 0.5.1 Release

I’ve made enough small fixes and patches to warrant a small release. No new features, mostly help for those having trouble. Get it on the download page.

  • Added log messages for debugging, and an option to display them.
  • If there are no posts with coordinates, center on lat,lon 0,0.
  • Order geo queries by post date instead of id.
  • Changed the plugin link to use the installation URL instead of the blog URL.
  • Explicitly set the status header to recover from changes by other plugins.
  • Adjusted for PHP setups without ‘.’ in the path.
  • Encoded query args in show_on_map_link to be XHTML compliant.

2 responses to “Geo Mashup 0.5.1 Release”

  1. i am brand new to wp and am very much a beginner at php etc. so i apologize if my question is really dumb. (i didn’t know where else to ask it… so i’m leaving it as a comment)

    i got geomashup working on my site, which will be a travelblog site for me a my partner. (thanks for the great plugin btw – it is exactly what i was looking for)

    i’ve got a page setup with the tag and the map displays fine. ( i’d like to do is:

    (1) NOT display the bubble with the post unless a user clicks on it — basically have the default display be the map with the pins
    (2) when a user is viewing a post (and not viewing the map page), have a small version of the geomashup map generate in one of the side columns.

    is this possible?

    thanks again for all your work and sorry if these are either (a) very obvious or (b) very difficult questions.

  2. Hey cyberhobo. I love the plugin. Thanks a bunch.

    I am having an intermittent problem with it that also happened when I used it on Sometimes, not all, the first post will not show up at all on the map. The map centers to that location but it won’t show the associated post.

    Currently the first post will not show on You can click the “Show on Map” link below the title or click “Where I’ve Written” in the side bar.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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