Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin Release 0.4

The move to Google Maps API version 2 is the motivator for this release, since Google will eventually turn off version 1. The API has also removed the XSLT functionality I was using to render the post in the infowindow.  I suspected this functionality was causing some of the loading problems people have experienced too, so I’ve removed it in favor of a simple, static info window format.  I managed to add a few new features as well.  Get it at the download page.

  • Updated for Google Maps API v2.
  • New feature to display a full post along with the map.
  • New option for info window height.
  • New option for a map overview control.
  • Removed XSLT calls.
  • Handle default-style permalinks in the post_link tag. Works on my test site, so I’m putting it in despite one user having some trouble with it (but no worse than without it).

3 responses to “Geo Mashup WordPress Plugin Release 0.4”

  1. Is it just mine or does the plugin always center on the last geo_code entered into wordpress?

    If I go to an old post and click on the GeoMashup link it is always displaying the coordinates from the most recent post with a geo_code rather than the post I am viewing??

  2. Long time user, first time poster. Great job, but I’m also getting the “Loading” issue after upgrading to 0.4.

    Let me know what I can do to help figure it out.

    I’m using WordPress 2.0.2.

  3. All seems to be working – thanks for getting the update out so quickly 🙂

    Remeber folks, the zoom numbers are reversed in v2 – just confused me for a while after forgetting that 🙂

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