Geo Mashup Plugin 0.3 Beta

Sunday was windy and cold, so I sat in my lazyboy and cranked out some more more code. I believe this version of the Geo Mashup plugin is generally usable, but I’m calling it Beta until I know at least a few people have it working.

New stuff:

  • Added a special tag (<!–GeoMashup–>) to allow precise map placement on the page.
  • Added an option to select a map control.
  • Made map type control optional.
  • Added optional CSS style settings.
  • Made page slug option a menu selection.
  • Added and documented template tags.
  • Improved dependency checking and error messages.
  • Replaced admin instructions with a link to documentation.
  • Added default post_link text for template tag argument.
  • Added javascript to unescape entity codes in post descriptions (ugly, but needed).

Some things I’m working on, or would like to work on, but are not in this release:

  • Extra WMS Layers, such as the Topo layer I’ve added to the hobomap
  • An option to connect markers in a category with a line
  • Admin form validation

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