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  • WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin Release 1.1.1

    This release addresses a bug that causes a javascript error when automatically opening the info window in Internet Explorer. Get the download and upgrade the usual way.

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.1

    This release has all the features of 1.1 Beta 3, and some bug fixes. If you’re upgrading from 1.0.6, have a look at the documentation first – you’ll have to update your existing tags after the upgrade. Geo Mashup now uses WordPress standards for tags, so hopefully this will be the last change of that […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.1 Beta 3

    Some significant overhauls have been made since the last beta release, which will make this upgrade a little more involved than usual. For details on this and documentation of new features, see the Beta Documentation. If that looks good, go for the download. Please report any issues you have soon – it’s time to get […]

  • Geo Mashup Plugin Release 1.0.6

    This small release is a fix for the “Automatically Open the Center Info Window” option. Finding the marker in the center became unreliable in recent versions of the Google Maps API, so I changed it to open a specified post marker instead, even if it’s not exactly centered. Download it, or read more. The same […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Releases

    Recent releases of both the Google Maps API and WordPress have broken a bunch of Geo Mashup installations. The situation required some different versions of Geo Mashup depending on your WordPress version. Thanks to willsballs.com and friendsofthepenan.com for supporting this work. Determine which release you need below, then head for the downloads. Geo Mashup 1.0.4 […]

  • Geo Mashup Plugin 1.1 Beta 1 Release

    This is a bleeding edge release of my WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin. I know some of these features are in demand, so I’m making this preview release so you can play with them and start getting some feedback to me. There are loose ends, and I plan to put in more features, but it has […]

  • Geo Mashup 1.0.3 Release

    A few more bug fixes, some that appeared in recent Google Maps API versions. I’m getting close to a new beta release with some fun new toys, so don’t think that 1.0.x is the end of the line for Geo Mashup. The new goods: Added French translation by obagot. Added some corrective CSS to help […]

  • Geo Mashup 1.0.2 Release

    A few more bugs have been squished in the WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin. And I let one little feature in too: Feature: add geoRSS tags to feeds Fixed ‘geo_locations – invalid argument to foreach’ error. Fixed category map links when map page is front page. Fixed ‘customizeGeoMashup not defined’ error when custom.js does not exist. […]

  • Geo Mashup 1.0.1 Release

    I’ve addressed a few problems with the 1.0 release of the WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin. Note that the version of WordPress required has gone up. Support for PHP 5.2.0. Consequences: WordPress 2.0 or higher is required. The Location editor has moved down in the post advanced editing area. Fixed the ‘customizeGeoMashup is undefined’ javascript error. […]

  • Geo Mashup 1.0 Release

    I’ve addressed all the issues I received for 1.0 BETA 2, so the time for 1.0 has come. Enjoy. Submit issues and suggestions if you have them. Change log: Removed automatic zooming. Changed the admin map to use the full zoom control. Improved the javascript customization interface (custom-marker.js is now custom.js) Added option to use […]