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  • WordPress Geo Mashup Releases 1.2.6 and 1.3alpha1

    Release 1.2.6 is a collection of small fixes issues including some leftover strange category line behavior, the disappearance of tabs on the option page in WordPress 2.8, some wrong icons in the visible post list (issue 226), and future post info windows (issue 213). Release 1.3alpha1 is a preview of some 1.3 features – see […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.4

    Fixes some problems saving locations (Issue 194) and a rare “duplicate entry” WordPress database error. Upgrade as usual.

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.3

    A couple more small bug fixes for Geo Mashup, for sticky posts showing up in all info windows, and percentage widths not being allowed in saved settings. Upgrade as usual.

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.2

    Yes, another one! In today’s episode, I learn not to speak English. But for those in a hurry, if you have 1.2.1 running, this isn’t a crucial upgrade. If you had any trouble installing 1.2.1, try 1.2.2. WordPress provides some help to plugins that need to upgrade their tables, but it often causes some silent […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.1

    Whew, this one has been educational for me. It began with the discovery that the data conversion process in 1.2 was not compatible with MySQL 4, despite appearances to the contrary in the old manuals. Lesson 1: as long as I can afford a test bed on MySQL 4, keep it around. As I worked […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2

    Feedback on 1.2beta2 has been good, so I have released 1.2. It’s working like a champ on a number of production sites already. This is the best Geo Mashup release so far, I think, largely because several organizations have hired me for Geo Mashup-related work, which has really helped the quality of the plugin. Individual […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2 Beta 2

    I’ve been able to put a lot of effort into new features in this release, thanks in great part to a burgeoning relationship with Vernal Creative. They make fantastic looking websites and have convinced some clients to underwrite new Geo Mashup features. Have a look at RSF Social Finance for an example. This is a […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.1.3

    This is a minor release that includes a fix for Issue 153, where the info window would open automatically regardless of the global map option setting. You should only need to download and install this release if you are experiencing this problem.

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2 Beta 1

    Interest in Geo Mashup is on the rise, and I will keep working on improvements as long I can afford to! This time around supporters include Bruce, creator of GeoTag Icons, agro.biodiver.se, www.sunshinebeachresorts.com.au, and others. Thanks! I recommend that you look over the Beta Documentation before you download, upgrade, (and donate?:)). Change Log: Added category, […]

  • WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin Release 1.1.2

    A minor release with attempts to fix Issue 121, the “Cannot use string offset as an array” error. You should only need to download this version and upgrade if you’re getting this error with 1.1.1. Also removed the old custom marker example from custom-sample.js because it’s no longer relevant for category markers, and marker customization […]