Geo Mashup Plugin Release 1.0.6

This small release is a fix for the “Automatically Open the Center Info Window” option. Finding the marker in the center became unreliable in recent versions of the Google Maps API, so I changed it to open a specified post marker instead, even if it’s not exactly centered. Download it, or read more.

The same fix will be in the next beta release, along with a bunch of new stuff.

5 responses to “Geo Mashup Plugin Release 1.0.6”

  1. i hate it when you post about “Geo Mashup”.

    so what?? you dying of hypothermia yet or what? it’s officially cold as fock here. way cold. like cold cold. like i can’t get out of bed cold. like i can’t take a long enough hot enough shower to keep me warm cold.

    so dude, plz talk more about outdoor adventures and less about “Geo Mashedup”.

    fyi… i purchased a KHS “Lucky 7” last weekend. of course, they didn’t have a Small in stock, so i had to order one. $2900. then look in downhill / freeride section.

    ummm… i s’pose that is it. hope you 2 are doing splendiddlely.

  2. hah. yeah, i s’pose i could do that. but i like to see what movies you are watching.

    yeah, i know that was what i was hoping for with the bike. but it’s a real slug. i mean, it’s just a slow bike. my 20″ bmx bikes were faster. but it handles like a dream at high speeds (DH).

    i removed the gears from it. it just didn’t work well at Mammoth. so … yeah, i got a freeride bike. Merry Christmas to me.

  3. Well then, just close your eyes tight when the geo-posts come up…

    And Merry Christmas to you! Sounds like fun.

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