WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.1 Beta 3

Some significant overhauls have been made since the last beta release, which will make this upgrade a little more involved than usual. For details on this and documentation of new features, see the Beta Documentation. If that looks good, go for the download. Please report any issues you have soon – it’s time to get the current beta feature set into a stable release.

This release was supported by www.hidden-teesside.co.uk, publicenergy.co.uk, Vernal Creative, and A blog of my travels by Christopher Weddell. Thanks also to Joost Rooijmans and other users who have been helping out behind the scenes.

The change log:

  • Improved automatic infowindow opening for clicked post.
  • Added geotag icon option to map links.
  • Added terrain map type.
  • Added admin edit menu for saved locations.
  • Added support for KML attachments.
  • Changed map div to iframe.
  • Offer separate options for in-post maps.
  • Map color names to RGB values for Linux browsers.
  • Tried to improve queries around the date-line. Still not perfect, but not as important now that all posts will usually be loaded.
  • Fixed georss in atom feed.
  • Trim spaces from coordinates in post_link.
  • Fix map link not shown with lat or lon of zero.
  • Fixed the “Show Future Posts” setting, which was reversed.
  • Now using standard WordPress template tag parameter format for template tags, and Shortcode API format for content tags.
  • Handle a specific set of posts for contextual use.
  • Added a “show only future posts” option.
  • Use standard WordPress template tag arguments in show_on_map_link.
  • Converted remaining tags to use Shortcode API.
  • Using newer WP edit form API.
  • Removed compressed javascript option (not very useful).

5 responses to “WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.1 Beta 3”

  1. I’ve installed Geo-Mashup v1.1beta3 on WP 2.6, and it works fine. The iFrame feature is great.
    My question: Once I add articles and a lot of markers on the Global Map, will there be be problems with the performance of the Global Map?
    I have found umapper for WordPress at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/umapper/ – would it be possible to run the Global Geo-Mashup Map inside Flash with umapper ??

  2. I’ve installed Geo-Mashup v1.1beta3 on WP 2.6, and it works very good.

    Thanks for include in this release the possibly to insert a map in the posts.


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