Geo Mashup 1.0.3 Release

A few more bug fixes, some that appeared in recent Google Maps API versions. I’m getting close to a new beta release with some fun new toys, so don’t think that 1.0.x is the end of the line for Geo Mashup. The new goods:

  • Added French translation by obagot.
  • Added some corrective CSS to help with map rendering theme conflicts.
  • Fixed problem with carriage returns in saved place names. (Unterminated javascript literal error).
  • Fixed problem with very wide info windows.
  • Removed comma from coordinates in GeoRSS feed.
  • Fixed multiple posts at one location display in Safari (thanks Kate & Sigurd).

2 responses to “Geo Mashup 1.0.3 Release”

  1. Hi Henri,

    In the next release I think I’m going to use the following CSS, which might work if you add it to your stylesheet:

    #geoMashup * {margin:0; padding:0; max-width:none; border:none;}

    I would also try maybe 400 pixels for the width to accommodate your titles.

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