Geo Mashup 1.0.1 Release

I’ve addressed a few problems with the 1.0 release of the WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin. Note that the version of WordPress required has gone up.

  • Support for PHP 5.2.0. Consequences:
    • WordPress 2.0 or higher is required.
    • The Location editor has moved down in the post advanced editing area.
  • Fixed the ‘customizeGeoMashup is undefined’ javascript error.
  • Fixed a problem with GeoMashup::show_on_map_link() when using a static front page.

2 responses to “Geo Mashup 1.0.1 Release”

  1. Hi Dylan,

    Great to see you are updating your great plugin!
    GeoRSS for our feed is what we need.
    Maybe you should check out the GeoPress plugin, they have some very good ideas I think. I like the way you can tag your post on a map, but not the way the location manager works. Why not get rid of the Geo plugin and build your own database table?
    I am working myself on a GPX, KML manager/ sidebar to load tracks, trips and even weather files. Or a flickr georss feed. Damn so much possibilities with all the upcomming geosupport.
    I should go and check out your latest release now, cheers

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