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  • Why Audio and Upcoming July Trip

    You’ve never been able to listen to the hobolog, UNTIL NOW. In fact, you’ll have to if you want to know why I’m suddenly posting audio and what we have in store for July. There are a few things I hope to learn with this little project: to use my words to express feelings to […]

  • 2015 Wrap Up

    Despite the fact that Ann and I did not change our basic situation in 2015, still living on the Truckee river and walking together daily to the Reno Collective, it was a year unlike any so far. Here are the main things that made it unique. I worked on my own product all year long […]

  • PCT Sonora to Ebbet’s pass backpack

    For my birthday Ann gave me a backpack trip! Dropping me off at Sonora pass, I hike 23 blissful miles on the Pacific Crest Trail to Wolf creek. Meanwhile she drives way around to the Highlands lake trailhead, and packs in 4 miles to camp with me. After a birthday breakfast (with cake!), she loops […]

  • 2014 Wrap Up

    This year has been like no other for us, in a few ways. Ann gets a Salpingo-Oophorectomy That’s short for when one of your ovaries turns into a monster that must be chopped into bits and extracted through a straw. This was an ordeal on many fronts. The things that went wrong were survivable, and […]

  • Celebrations and tribulations back in the Rockies

    My two-weekend visit to Colorado and Wyoming left me a little dazed. With one friend recently dead of cancer, another getting married, and many other friends and family to catch up with, I just dove in and let it happen. This is the stuff of life right? Dad and Sarah picked me up at the […]

  • San Francisco Olga Kern Weekend

    Hoping that Ann is able to walk enough to enjoy the city, we head for the bay to see our favorite pianist Olga Kern. Ann does well and, though not without pain, makes the bus trip to the concert hall and climbs many flights of stairs to our balcony seats. We enjoy a couple of […]

  • Lahontan Reservoir Camping

    Ann wanted to see a new place in Nevada for her overnight healing outing this weekend, and chose Lahontan reservoir. It was a little trashed, as we expected, but also expansive and pretty quiet. There are pelicans there now with the geese, ducks, and killdeer, but a new one to me was some kind of […]

  • Healing for Ann’s birthday

    With Ann healing from surgery this birthday feels unique. We’re striving for the peace she needs to heal, while the world outside feels more turbulent and chaotic than ever. One night in the tent is definitely a step in the right direction. Washoe lake campground works well, with easy access and sites I can set […]

  • Cooper’s Hawk Visitation

    This unusual guest caught my attention while screeching in the tree just outside our sliding door. It’s amazing to watch birds of prey up close. Hawk (Cooper's?)

  • 2013 Cliff Notes

    And the year is over! Lest I forget, there were definitely some significant changes for me and Ann this year. Reno Collective We signed on as part owners of the Reno Collective this year and took up the challenge to move it to the big windowed space we call the Fishbowl at 1st and Arlington. […]