2014 Wrap Up

This year has been like no other for us, in a few ways.

Ann gets a Salpingo-Oophorectomy

That’s short for when one of your ovaries turns into a monster that must be chopped into bits and extracted through a straw. This was an ordeal on many fronts. The things that went wrong were survivable, and we looked into the maw of many very bad outcomes that did not happen. This consumed the better part of our year, but I am thankful beyond measure to end the year with Ann healthy and strong again.

I build my first software product

Vernal Creative took the leap from client work to product development this year, and made Postmatic, the best WordPress email engagement plugin in existence. This has already been a huge adventure, and if we launch 1.0 in the next weeks as planned, it will make or break the coming year.

Life & Family

This felt like one my hardest-working years in a while. The Reno Collective continues to be the center of our community and work life. We enjoyed a few visits from Ann’s family on their way through town, and made a quick trip to Colorado for a wedding and a little time with my Dad, Blocksma cousins, and friends. I’m hoping for more family time in 2015.


A small but notable change this year is that Ann and I have gotten into the habit of planning our dinner in the morning, shopping before coming home, then cooking together in the evening. This little change has brought us a lot of joy!


I did a lot of running during Ann’s recovery, and camping was a great way for her to get out under the sky without having to move much. By November we were climbing again. We’ve stayed closer to home, but continue to find outdoor treasures here. We sold our truck camper in August and got a big car camping tent instead, which has been great so far.

Numbers and Notes

This may be the last year my graphs work in their current form (Google’s image charts are deprecated). I’ll need to make some time 2015 to make a new tally plugin 🙂

Hours Tracked (by GPS): 230.5102855399999

Hours Tracked

Outdoor Nights: 2|25


Miles on Foot: 768.630095913067


Elevation Gain on Foot (ft): 147417.65354372


Rock Climbing Elevation Gain (ft): 1050


Miles by Bike: 0

Zero biking again! Let me know if you’re in the market for his & her recumbent bikes with a hitch rack to carry both…

Books Read: 13

Books Read

Movies Watched: 57.663

Movies Watched

This statistical madness has now been going on long enough to compare a few years:

Hours Tracked off_grid_nights,outdoor_nights miles_hiked feet_elevation_gain climbed_feet miles_biked Bike Elevation Gain (ft) Books Read Movies Watched

Like last year, fewer outings accrued fewer miles on foot, but running made up some of that. I failed to reach 150,000 feet of elevation gain on foot for the first time in a few years – I’ll have to see to that in 2015!

Last year

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  1. Hey, I love your wrap up and all those cool statistics! And I’m so glad Ann is feeling strong enough to climb again. Hoorah for you both! love m.

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