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  • 2022 Review

    It’s been a transformative year for me. I feel like a different person in many ways. There were a lot of challenges and I hope to share some of the things that helped me get through them. It was my last year with my father Daniel, much different from any other. At the end of […]

  • My Tho Eveningscape by Daniel Kreadman Kuhn

    My father Daniel didn’t quite make it to veteran’s day this year. I’m remembering him today with this poem he wrote as an army officer in Vietnam. My Tho Eveningscape just a trace of a windmoving the damp felt air,this slight keenery of tactilityfeathers over me alone on the rooftopwatching the day whisper into deathwith […]

  • Daniel Kreadman Kuhn left us today

    Daniel Kreadman Kuhn left us today

    My father Daniel died peacefully this morning, Sunday November 6 2022. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, and survived prostate cancer in 2015. I would like to write more about his life, but today is about giving and receiving love from all who knew him. Thank you.

  • The publishing of the PaCT

    At last, my lifelong friend and hiking partner Peter Miles Bergman is taking orders for his 263-page art-book and memoir chronicling the two halves of our Pacific Crest Trail hike and the 23 years in between. As a character in the story my opinion may be suspect, but I love this book and the companion […]

  • 2021 Review

    I won’t lie, my ideas about this year are mucky at best. Maybe that’s a succinct summary of sorts. Perhaps taking a little tour through the muck will demuckify it a little. My 2016 review outlined my practice of using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for perspective and reflection. Aside from a childish urge to change […]

  • Notes on 2020

    This has been a year to go down in the annals of blogs, wikis, and feeds for the ages. I’ve fared better than most I think, but my life has changed completely. I’m now sitting at a desk in a bedroom in Phoenix, feeling tired, uncertain, hopeful, determined, scared, cynical, stoic, weak, strong. How, broadly, […]

  • Plan to vote now

    I made my voting plan tonight. Well, actually Ann did, but I did some of the thinking part! We can’t help each other too much, or too soon, and the time to do it is now. Online Tools There are a plethora of websites out there purporting to help us through the voting process. I’m […]

  • 2019 all PaCT up

    New Year’s greetings to you! I promised a 2019-wrap-up post and this is it, short and sweet. My year was dominated by my 2-month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, fulfilling a pact made 23 years ago with my hiking partner Pete. That journey, which we refer to by the name PaCT, will continue as […]

  • Gone Hikin’

    It’s time to hit the trail! I expect this will be unlike any hike I’ve done. There won’t be any updates here until I return, but Pete may manage some posts on and Instagram. Ann is dropping us off, mailing packages, tracking our progress, and joining Pete’s wife Heather to meet us at the […]

  • Good night 2018

    This was a tough year for some of our friends and family, and though it had some challenges for us also I feel fortunate as it comes to a close. I’m finishing the year in good shape and gearing up for a big year to come. Here are some things that come to mind when […]