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  • The publishing of the PaCT

    At last, my lifelong friend and hiking partner Peter Miles Bergman is taking orders for his 263-page art-book and memoir chronicling the two halves of our Pacific Crest Trail hike and the 23 years in between. As a character in the story my opinion may be suspect, but I love this book and the companion […]

  • 2021 Review

    I won’t lie, my ideas about this year are mucky at best. Maybe that’s a succinct summary of sorts. Perhaps taking a little tour through the muck will demuckify it a little. My 2016 review outlined my practice of using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for perspective and reflection. Aside from a childish urge to change […]

  • Notes on 2020

    This has been a year to go down in the annals of blogs, wikis, and feeds for the ages. I’ve fared better than most I think, but my life has changed completely. I’m now sitting at a desk in a bedroom in Phoenix, feeling tired, uncertain, hopeful, determined, scared, cynical, stoic, weak, strong. How, broadly, […]

  • Plan to vote now

    I made my voting plan tonight. Well, actually Ann did, but I did some of the thinking part! We can’t help each other too much, or too soon, and the time to do it is now. Online Tools There are a plethora of websites out there purporting to help us through the voting process. I’m […]

  • 2019 all PaCT up

    New Year’s greetings to you! I promised a 2019-wrap-up post and this is it, short and sweet. My year was dominated by my 2-month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, fulfilling a pact made 23 years ago with my hiking partner Pete. That journey, which we refer to by the name PaCT, will continue as […]

  • Gone Hikin’

    It’s time to hit the trail! I expect this will be unlike any hike I’ve done. There won’t be any updates here until I return, but Pete may manage some posts on and Instagram. Ann is dropping us off, mailing packages, tracking our progress, and joining Pete’s wife Heather to meet us at the […]

  • Good night 2018

    This was a tough year for some of our friends and family, and though it had some challenges for us also I feel fortunate as it comes to a close. I’m finishing the year in good shape and gearing up for a big year to come. Here are some things that come to mind when […]

  • 2017 – did that just happen?

    Will we wake up on New Year’s day and realize that the crazy, chaotic, disaster-riddled mess of 2017 was all just a fever dream? I’ve definitely had my share of fever as I close out 2017 with a solid case of the flu, so maybe I’d better jot down some of what I remember before […]

  • 2016 review: disappointments exist, life is still good

    Here’s the short summary of 2016 for me: many of the new things I hoped for did not pan out, yet I managed to hang on to the basic things that make for a quality life. An amazing life, in fact, when put in perspective. The perspective part is important. I don’t want to fall […]

  • July 24 – Stanley cafe, hot springs, Mores mountain

    We eat in Stanley, swim in Idaho city, and fill up in Boise before heading upward again to Mores mountain.

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