July 2 – A hailstorm, rainbows, and dreams of sleep

Wyoming greets us with hail, rainbows, and the prospect of sleep.

4 responses to “July 2 – A hailstorm, rainbows, and dreams of sleep”

  1. I see Elk Mountain treated you to its famous scary weather, but you did make it to your favorite spot east of Laramie. I hope you are sleeping well.

    It appears your sound log is on a week time lag from FaceBook, which feels a little odd.

    We got hail here today too–I got the Ping Pong table moved just in time to scoot the Subie in the garage before it hit. Gracie and I are watching the Great British Baking Show, our favorite. It’s a hot summer this year, and we are loving it. Ate our first tomato today–a one-inch treat.

  2. Sweet! Listening to you is much more personal than the photos… I think you’re on to something good here. Thank you. AJ

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