Why Audio and Upcoming July Trip

You’ve never been able to listen to the hobolog, UNTIL NOW. In fact, you’ll have to if you want to know why I’m suddenly posting audio and what we have in store for July.

There are a few things I hope to learn with this little project:

  • to use my words
  • to express feelings
  • to tell a story
  • a new medium

6 responses to “Why Audio and Upcoming July Trip”

    • What a great idea Mom – audio comments! Who knows, maybe Jason and I will build it.

      Soundcloud lets you publish 3 hours of audio per month free, that’s how I’m starting this experiment. If you want to try it, link to a recorded comment and I’ll listen to it!

  1. Sweet. Thanks for all your hard work these last two years buddy. Go nuts out there and enjoy yourself. The audio is fun (and the sound quality great).

    • Thanks my friend! These two years are behind this break in so many ways, I don’t feel like I’m escaping so much as gathering some new material to weave in. I have no idea what will be different when I return, but I look forward to finding out.

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