July 1 – Maybe not that kind of vacation

We have an encounter with a nighthawk and experience vacation jitters.

4 responses to “July 1 – Maybe not that kind of vacation”

  1. Wow–I like being part of your experiences, like the nighthawk bombing. I once was bombed by an osprey when I was too close to the nest. I was lucky to be wearing a tough denim outback hat which protected my head and was wavable. I ran like hell out of there and it chased me out. I was on a Beaver Island trail I often took but never again during nesting season. I also might say that I have many times had the three-in-the-morning jeebies and have learned never to take them seriously. There’s something about that witching hour that plays with sanity. You will not regret these beautiful days. You are both so young–honestly, you are at your strongest–and you can do whatever is necessary to survive. And what is the music? I like it. (Yikes, I just got dive-bombed by a robin, which hit the window. Now and then a robin fights its reflection.)

    • I think that 3-am jeebies might just be a sign of growth, and their absence a sign of stagnation. I wouldn’t want them every night though!

      I didn’t intend to include music, I wonder if Soundcloud chooses something to play for you after my track is done?

  2. NOTE: I get a message with your sound email:” This message is not compatible with your email client.” However, when I click on it, I get a window with your sound message so I do get it.

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