Category: Continental Divide Hike

  • Day 131

    Jackson Hole, WY I know from other physical endeavors that when I stop working my body all day long I tend to fall into a catatonic state, oscillating between eating and sleeping. Once I’ve entered this state it becomes more and more difficult to escape it. The only way to remain semi-functional is to force […]

  • Day 130

    Lewis Lake, WY to Jackson Hole, WY Again the rain continues through the night and into the morning. Someone nearby starts an engine and lets it idle. It’s kind of noisy and smelly. When I get up I wander over to complain, but when I see what it is I change my mind. A family […]

  • Day 129

    West Yellowstone, MT to Lewis Lake, WY We enter Yellowstone, the first of all the national parks. From the monstrous library of literature available on the park, we have purchased one of the smallest and most recent books, Lost in my Own Backyard by Tim Cahill. It provides enough of an introduction to the park […]

  • Day 128

    Lakeview, MT to West Yellowstone, MT The storm continues wildly all night long. Our tent is hit by gusts of wind from every direction, as if the storm can’t make up its mind which way to go. In the morning we pack everything up wet, pile in the car, and get on the muddy road. […]

  • Day 127

    Bannock Pass, CD to Lakeview, MT In the library in Salmon we caught up with some other CDT hikers through their online journals. We speculate that Roni, a northbound CDT hiker from Israel, will arrive at this pass soon. He�s been feeling tired and lonely lately, so we leave him a note and some goodies […]

  • Day 126

    Salmon, ID to Bannock Pass, CD We see Glen cycling on the road into Salmon in the morning. He spent the night on someone�s porch in North Fork. Ann and I eat a nice lunch at Bertram�s Brewery, say goodbye to Glen at the library, and head south. Tendoy, the supply point nearest Lemhi Pass, […]

  • Day 125, I End My Through Hike

    Wisdom, MT to Salmon, ID When I wake up my indecision is gone. My attempt at a through hike of the CDT is over, but our honeymoon on the continental divide is not. While many CDT hikes end suddenly with injuries, impassable snow, bankruptcy, or other knockout punches, this decision was difficult because our circumstances […]

  • Day 124, I Consider Stopping

    Tie Meadow to Hogan Cabin 6 mi :: 1834 mi :: Sunny, warm I think I’m up early, but it’s already 6:30 am. The sun is not coming up quite as early these days. It’s moist and chilly by the wet meadows. I pack up and get moving to warm myself. The roads and trails […]

  • Day 123

    Oreamnos Lake to Tie Meadow 28 mi :: 1828 mi :: Rainy, foggy, cloudy Today the rain hasn�t stopped by 7 am, so I break camp in the drizzle. It�s wet, but I hope for the best and start up my cross-country route. The route is nice. There is one steep, wet, grassy hill above […]

  • Day 122

    Flower Lake to Oreamnos Lake 25 mi :: 1825 mi :: Cloudy, evening storms I don�t venture out of the tent until it stops raining at about 7 am. I climb over a very green, misty pass before breakfast. I can smell lots of plants, but an especially strong one smells like fresh apples. At […]