Category: Continental Divide Hike

  • Day 141

    Sunrise Lake 4 mi :: Sunny morning, cloudy afternoon At last, dawn brings us a clear blue sky. We have a hearty breakfast and set off towards Dragon Head peak. By the time we reach the main western ridge there are big, dark clouds rolling by, but we persevere. There is fresh snow on the […]

  • Day 140

    Middle Fork Lake to Sunrise Lake 4 mi :: Overcast, cold It’s still overcast in the morning but not raining. It’s not peak bagging weather, but we need some activity so we break camp and pack along the trail a ways. After a couple of miles we reach my original destination for the trip, Lee […]

  • Day 139

    Middle Fork Lake 0 mi :: Rain, snow, wind We wake up to a white, snowy world. The cold, wet weather continues all day. We spend most of the day in our sleeping bags, or scurrying to get back to them. Ann and I resort to such pastimes as hangman, but never get desperate enough […]

  • Day 138

    Little Divide Lake to Middle Fork Lake 6 mi :: Overcast, rainy afternoon Today we travel across the ‘bench’ region of the Winds, where glaciers have left many lovely lakes. We pass the Lightning Lakes, then meet the Continental Divide Trail at Dream Lake. At Bob’s Lake we break for lunch, and a light rain […]

  • Day 137

    Scab Creek Trailhead to Little Divide Lake 5 mi :: Sunny, warm We had planned to pack up quick this morning, have breakfast at Jedediah’s House of Sourdough, and drive to Boulder (WY) by noon to meet my dad. The speed we’ve become accustomed to in putting together a backpack trip, though, didn’t come as […]

  • Day 136

    Jackson Hole, WY We spend the day “preparing” for our Wind River trip. Mostly this involves playing Rummy and watching movies at the house. We don’t leave once during the day. Our self indulgence has reached a peak. Our movies were chosen based on books we’ve read recently. Ann read Cider House Rules. She couldn’t […]

  • Day 135

    Jackson Hole, WY Today we walk six miles of busy street. Three miles to a movie theater and back. It’s actually a nice way to watch a movie. The exercise before helps you relax during the show, and more afterward gives you time to contemplate it. Before the show the popcorn girl at the theatre […]

  • Day 134

    Jackson Hole, WY I’ve chosen a destination for our pack trip into the Wind River range next week. It’s a large basin tucked away near the divide in the middle of the range. I’ve never been anywhere near it. Dragon Head Peak rises up over Lee Lake there in a set of cliffs that look […]

  • Day 133

    Jackson Hole, WY Today we actually make it to Two Ocean Lake. At last the sky is mostly clear and the Tetons are visible. It’s hard to believe they could ever be obscured by anything. These mountains are so majestic they look almost unreal, overdone. They trap your eye and mind into an entranced stare, […]

  • Day 132

    Jackson Hole, WY Today we set out to walk around Two Ocean Lake, but after stopping in town to do one errand, then another, we never make it. To prevent statufication from setting in we walk back to town later to buy a trail map of the southern Wind River Range. We’re planning a backpack […]