Day 129

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West Yellowstone, MT
to Lewis Lake, WY

We enter Yellowstone, the first of all the national parks. From the monstrous library of literature available on the park, we have purchased one of the smallest and most recent books, Lost in my Own Backyard by Tim Cahill. It provides enough of an introduction to the park to make us appreciate some basic facts about it. Perhaps the most striking is that we are driving and walking around in the giant caldera of an active volcano. This volcano is unique, poorly understood, and could erupt again at any time, ending civilization as we know it. Neat.

We haven’t been in the park five minutes when we pass a majestic bald eagle perched on its nest and a massive buffalo grazing by the road. Stopped cars jam the road completely at each such site. Tourists with cameras inevitably jump out of their cars, ignoring the warning pamphlets handed to everyone at the park entrance showing a buffalo goring a photographer. We have joined the throngs, a fact we try to embrace as we crawl along the park roads.

The section of park along the road from the west entrance to the south entrance keeps us busy and enthralled all day long. It’s like we’re driving and walking on a thin crust floating on a giant pot of boiling water. Steam shoots out of the ground everywhere, hissing, bubbling through mud, spraying streams straight up into the air, and collecting in boiling lakes. Of all the amazing spectacles, I think I’d choose the Fountain Paint Pot, Sapphire Pool, and White Dome Geyser on Firehole Lake Drive as my favorites. The White Dome Geyser seemed special because it erupted like a miniature volcano for us just as we arrived. Of course Old Faithful goes on the list almost by default – who would skip it?

Most of our walks are short outings on boardwalks, but by the late afternoon we’ve accumulated quite a few miles. I feel as tired as if I’d trekked 25 miles on the CDT. We cross the divide three times on the way to Lewis Lake Campground. There we have just enough time to make dinner before rainy weather returns, chasing us into the tent.

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  1. We (hal & Judy) were in Yellowstone on Aug 28 & 29 Had a great time, wish we could have met you !!! We also crossed the Continental Divide a number of times The biggest surprise was when we visited the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The falls were spectacular.
    Hal Judy

  2. Dylan and Ann,
    I’m glad you guys are doing stuff together now. I think Dylan made the right decision.
    Ann, on the picture of Day 127, that *is* a nice hat. “I do, I do, like your hat!” (Go Dog, Go. by Dr.Seuss)
    Dylan, I got to climb Fishhhook Arête on Monday. I swung lead with Mike Franklin. Clare got to climb it too, with Daryl Hinman. Fishhook has been a big goal of mine for the last two years. You would love it. 🙂
    Go to my club photo account
    for pictures.
    We miss your “wild” guitar playing. Chappy is still Chappy. ;-D
    I still “hate” you guys for leaving Ridgecrest. Just kidding! God bless you both and watch over you wherever you end up. -wdr

  3. I like your hat too! Can I have it? Don’t give it to wdr-it just wouldn’t suit him 8^)

    Glad you are still having fun!


  4. sounds like a lot of hat compliments…………..well>>I don’t like the hat!hhaaaha just kidding. Hi Ann and Dylan, I have finally checked out your site. I have been busy with many things. It looks like i may be heading to Alaska soon to help my sister. She works so hard and needs help. She lives in Salcha which is 45 minutes from Fairbanks. SHe has 14 huski dogs that she owns and is training them for competion racing soon. She also works nights in a vet clinic and drives road graders for her work. She is still in the airnational guard reserve. I have not had much luck with finding a job in Ridgecrest so I will be moving to help my sister as well as see what Alaska can do for me. Im hoping to meet some nice people and get into the outdoor adventure expeditions. I do hope to attend the University to continue with my BA in journalism as well as BA in Fine arts. On my spare time I plan on taking massage classes to get certified. Sounds like a plan and lots of fun Hope you guys get to read this, not sure how or when you check it. I did read through most all of her days. It is great that you are still going……im sure it gets hard at times, but it is all about self discovery. I send you a cheers!! loving both of you, hope to see you soon.
    always and love,

  5. so uh… well, i mean, you may not be hiking the CDT, but you can still give a ‘heads up’ on wtf is up! so what are you doing?

    the rafting crew had a HUGE gathering at Bass Lake (near the West side Yosemite entrance) last weekend. mountain biking trip. Rich and Diesel, as well as Joe, were there. it kikked arse.

  6. Thanks for the hat compliments, ya’ll! I have Mary Blocksma, Dylan’s mom, to thank for it. She’s got STYLE. 🙂

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