Day 126

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Salmon, ID
to Bannock Pass, CD

We see Glen cycling on the road into Salmon in the morning. He spent the night on someone�s porch in North Fork. Ann and I eat a nice lunch at Bertram�s Brewery, say goodbye to Glen at the library, and head south.

Tendoy, the supply point nearest Lemhi Pass, is nothing but a general store. In Leadore there is also gas and a restaurant. From there we drive 12 miles of dirt road to Bannock Pass.

The weather is cold, windy, and looks like rain, but we manage to hike a few miles along the CDT without getting stormed on. The trail here runs through high sage pastures and lodgepole stands.

We follow a sign to a spring. I�m glad I don�t have to drink from it. It�s fenced, but mucky and cloudy.

I feel like I enjoyed that bit of trail more with Ann there than entire days hiking alone. We make a cozy camp near the divide and jump in the tent when the rain starts.

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