CDT-ROM 2005

To my amazement, Jonathan Ley continues to produce a revision of his Continental Divide Trail Maps every year. For this set he sifted through hundreds of our scribbled-on maps and incorporated our more useful notes. I’d love to see these available as an online resource someday (currently he offers them on CD only).

Thank You

When we started our honeymoon on the continental divide, and with it this topic on my web log, I never imagined how large an impact the log would have on our experience. Mostly I saw it as a way to record the experience and keep our friends and family up to date. As it turned out, I feel like this web log has been as much a part of our trip as our backpacks. It has provided opportunities that would never have been possible without it, and also presented unexpected problems.

Day 142

Sunrise Lake to Little Divide Lake 8 mi :: Sunny and warm Again the morning is clear, but today we have to start our exit because Ann and I are low on food. My dad has plenty, even with his abundant generosity in sharing all his goodies with us. He has reminded us that a…