Category: Continental Divide Hike

  • July 17 – CDT East Centennial Ridge to Little Table Mountain

    The trail feels remote and high, but I encounter a local with his kids, who provokes some thoughts on grizzlies. A descent causes some worrisome foot pain before the entries suddenly stop, as if I had dropped my recorder in a creek.

  • July 16 – CDT Mile Creek to East Centennial Ridge

    I encounter hawks, elk, cattle, and Ann! The trail takes a different route than I expect, then takes me high.

  • July 15 – CDT Targhee Pass to Mile Creek

    I get some time in high on the continental divide, encounter a pair of grouse, solve terrain puzzles, and reach my first rendezvous point at Mile creek.

  • July 14 – CDT Fish Creek Road to Targhee Pass

    I leave Ann for the trail and get straight into water issues while I think about my hopes for the hike.

  • Poem from the Trail

    I can resonate with this little ditty from Sidewinder: one lone hiker here I be all by myself on the CDT my friends are all ahead by a half day I must getting closer or so other people say dreamt the past 2 nights of playing in the water think I’d go crazy if it…

  • CDT Anniversary

    Ann reminded me that this week a year passed since we set off from the Mexico border to hike the Continental Divide Trail. I feel a little guilty that the day slipped by without snapping me out of my busy work week to recognize it. It’s still very emotional thinking back to that first day…

  • CDT-ROM 2005

    To my amazement, Jonathan Ley continues to produce a revision of his Continental Divide Trail Maps every year. For this set he sifted through hundreds of our scribbled-on maps and incorporated our more useful notes. I’d love to see these available as an online resource someday (currently he offers them on CD only).

  • Thank You

    When we started our honeymoon on the continental divide, and with it this topic on my web log, I never imagined how large an impact the log would have on our experience. Mostly I saw it as a way to record the experience and keep our friends and family up to date. As it turned…

  • Day 143, Last Day

    Little Divide Lake to Scab Creek Trailhead 5 mi :: Sunny and warm Reluctantly we bid goodbye to the Wind River Range. This will probably be our last day of backpacking on the trip. I think it marks the end of our honeymoon on the continental divide as well. We still plan to spend a…

  • Day 142

    Sunrise Lake to Little Divide Lake 8 mi :: Sunny and warm Again the morning is clear, but today we have to start our exit because Ann and I are low on food. My dad has plenty, even with his abundant generosity in sharing all his goodies with us. He has reminded us that a…