We roll into Denver and head straight for our reserved 10×15 storage unit. We learn that it’s an upstairs unit, and that we have to squeeze through a small door and elevator to get there. The downstairs units are more expensive – but of course they don’t tell you that when you’re making your reservation.…

CDT Itinerary

Trying to guess where and when we will be someplace on a hike this long is surprisingly complicated! We’ve started with a spreadsheet that estimates our progress at an average of 15 miles per day. I went a little nuts with the actual spreadsheet, which now has about a thousand columns with indecipherable formulas. This…

Preparing for the Continental Divide

Apr 2011 Update: This is part of my journal of a 2004 CDT hike. You’re welcome here, and there are some planning resources, but if you’re looking for maps I recommend you visit Jonathan Ley. I did collect a track of the CDT in Wyoming in 2009, which I later added to Open Street Map, but these are of less practical use than Jonathan’s maps. Enjoy!


As our preparations occupy more of our time (and our bank account), the undertaking we have planned for so long is starting to feel real. I first proposed the idea when I proposed to my wife by asking if she’d accompany me on a honeymoon hike of the Continental Divide Trail. Since then we have started referring to the CDT as the CDBW, or Continental Divide BushWack, because we are discovering that it is still more idea than trail. Still, there are few hearty souls like Jonathan Ley who find their way from border to border each year. In mid-April we will set out to join them, under the precept that as husband and wife we will step onto and off of the trail together. Or, as my friend Pete joked, we’ll stop when the honeymoon’s over!