Category: Continental Divide Hike

  • Lighter

    We roll into Denver and head straight for our reserved 10×15 storage unit. We learn that it’s an upstairs unit, and that we have to squeeze through a small door and elevator to get there. The downstairs units are more expensive – but of course they don’t tell you that when you’re making your reservation. […]

  • We’re Rollin’

    We have mashed, stacked, packed, and jacked all our stuff into a 15-foot moving truck. Ann drives the truck south on 395 while I follow in the Subaru. We talk on the radios we got for long climbs. It’s exciting to be on the move with all our things. If all goes well we’ll start […]

  • Sleeping warm, staying light

    It’s a gorgeous morning, and Ann stayed warm during the cold night. We’ve now tried a number of different ways for her to keep warm at night. Read on if you’re interested in what we’ve learned.

  • CDT Itinerary

    Trying to guess where and when we will be someplace on a hike this long is surprisingly complicated! We’ve started with a spreadsheet that estimates our progress at an average of 15 miles per day. I went a little nuts with the actual spreadsheet, which now has about a thousand columns with indecipherable formulas. This […]

  • Preparing for the Continental Divide

    Apr 2011 Update: This is part of my journal of a 2004 CDT hike. You’re welcome here, and there are some planning resources, but if you’re looking for maps I recommend you visit Jonathan Ley. I did collect a track of the CDT in Wyoming in 2009, which I later added to Open Street Map, […]