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  • Sheep and Code in Plainfield, Vermont

    For a few years now I’ve been developing websites with my colleague Jason Lemieux of, but until now we had never met in person. I’ve always been intrigued by Jason because he balances his career developing websites with running a small sheep farm and raising a family. I always wanted to see how this […]

  • Visiting Burlington

    My aunt and grandmother lavish food and music upon us while we stop in Burlington, Vermont to see them. I haven’t made it out here since my visit on my big bike tour eleven years ago. It’s rare and warm family time. Dinner The wild rain is predicted to continue, but breaks long enough for […]

  • Plan: Visit Mom

    We’re taking our home east of the Mississippi for the first time!

  • South Dakota – Lake Herman State Park

    Friendly staff welcome us to a near-empty park on a stormy labor day evening. We’re here, strangely, to establish an address in Madison, South Dakota. This is not because we’re going to stay here, but because we’re joining a service ( that will help us in several ways while we’re touring. It handles mail forwarding […]

  • Plan: Visit Deadwood, SD

    Residence of another old friend.

  • I’m off on a new kind of distance hike

    I’m making final online updates from the Institute of Sociometry home office in Denver. Tomorrow Pete and I will set off on the most impulsive, unplanned distance hike I’ve ever done. Our loose objective is to step out from the IS home office doorstep and hike to the Mount of the Holy Cross wilderness to […]

  • T-Rex Departs

    2010-07-13 Trex's last photo, last hunting camp! We return to the site where our experiments with mobile living began in 2005, the Lakeside KOA in Fort Collins. Every time we return somewhere, even a place we’ve only been once or twice, T-Rex returns immediately to his old haunts. Here he scratches a tree that probably […]

  • Living in Vedauwoo

    Vedauwoo is one of our favorite places, so why not live there for a while when it’s nicest? We’ve always dreamed about doing it, and now we’re there!

  • Visit Victor, Idaho

    An old friend who may wish to remain anonymous lives in this vicinity.

  • Docked in Nampa, Idaho

    Ann’s parents are getting ready to float a stretch of the Snake river in their kayaks with a group of friends when we meet at Celebration Park on the river. We see them off and head for their house in Nampa. This will be our chance to reconfigure our mobile living setup with access to […]