Lancaster County Tour

Manheim, Pennsylvania is home to several generations of my family on the Kuhn side, but is almost completely foreign to me. Sue Obetz and grandma Eileen Kuhn, our hosts here, give Dad, Sarah, and I a good survey of the county. Our first stop is the old Abe Wallace farm, which grandma Eileen finds the tiny back entrance into despite her failing vision. Dad spent a couple of summers here as a kid, and I enjoy watching him take a quick walk around the grounds, gazing back into his childhood.


He notes several new buildings on the grounds, but the farmhouse and barn seem unchanged. Of course the big divided highway 30 rushing by not far away is new. No one is around to answer questions.

Dad by the farm house

Stone Barn

Next we drive along many twisty, forested back roads to the Susquehanna River near the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant.

Susquehanna River

Eileen and Dad

More winding ways up the river take us to the impressive Pinnacle overlook, where a cold wind blows high above the river.

Pinnacle Overlook


As we leave here the conversation turns to apple dumplings, and a couple of hunters are mightily amused when we pull over to ask where we might find some. Sue makes sure we have some genuine Lancaster County apple dumplings for breakfast before we head for home.


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