Great Falls Park on the Potomac

We’ve continued south on highways flanked with still-colorful oak and maple forests to Rockville, Maryland, where Ann’s friend Jonathan lives with his wife Lisa. It’s mostly a working visit for me, but I can’t resist a hike in this small national park on the Potomac river. We begin along the old “tow canal” that for a short time provided a way to navigate around the falls through a series of locks.

Ann and Jonathan

Tow Canal Lock

Canal Boat

Interesting natural features frame the path.

Tree Cup

Heron Reflected

The falls are not really roaring at the moment, but the overlook is still scenic.


Great Falls

Further down the river the banks become cliffs that we scramble along, watching rock climbers and kayaks play below.


Clearly we’ve barely scratched the surface of things to do here, but we’re on a visiting mission, and Ann’s brother Randy in Floyd, Virginia is up next.


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