T-Rex Departs

2010-07-13 Trex's last photo, last hunting camp!

We return to the site where our experiments with mobile living began in 2005, the Lakeside KOA in Fort Collins. Every time we return somewhere, even a place we’ve only been once or twice, T-Rex returns immediately to his old haunts. Here he scratches a tree that probably bears the marks of his claws from years ago, and heads for a nap in the rock pile that makes the northern campground boundary. He also obsessively licks at his bandaged a leg as he has been for the past week – a leg that must at last be feeling dead to him. A day passes like this while we do some life maintenance in Fort Collins. Thursday our favorite vet in the area, Debbie Sunken, makes a final house call for us. She examines him, guessing that his hugely swollen elbow is a fibrosarcoma (cancer). A younger cat could handle an amputation, but at 16 years old T-Rex has finally met his match. Debbie and her husband sit with us in the shade of a tree and encourage us to tell our best T-Rex stories and say a teary goodbye as T loses consciousness and peacefully leaves us. His absence will be felt for a long time.

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  1. I’m sorry. My pets are definitely family members. Their presence is huge in our lives and definitely leaves a whole when they depart.

    I hope that you are both well and that the next part of your journey is amazing.

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