Plan: Visit Deadwood, SD

Residence of another old friend.

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  1. If you do end up in Deadwood, be sure to visit Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park, Needles Highway, and Jewel Cave National Monument.

    You can skip Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

  2. Also, make the trek over to Badlands National Park, if you can. It’s unbelievable. Take the north loop with all the tourists, but then go down to Sheep Mountain Table, where you will be alone for miles. Easily a top five experience from all the national parks I’ve been to.

  3. I’ve been to nearly all those places Brett mentions in the summer after my sophomore year in college at the Wheaton Biological Station, where I took geology to satisfy my science requirement. I took that because all the girls were taking biology and I thought it would be more fun to camp out with the boys. It was. We went all over the place. Especially memorable was camping in the badlands.
    Have fun U-2.

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