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  • Update from St. George, Utah

    A quick update: we’ve migrated to St. George, Utah where we’re visiting my Dad and Sarah. This place is a desert canyon paradise, but we still haven’t found a spot where we can camp long term and I can work effectively. Right now I’m taking advantage of Sarah’s new satellite connection in Snow Canyon State […]

  • Red Rock Rain

    We drive from Lake Havasu City north to Las Vegas, thinking we might climb a little at Red Rock. We get a site at the dusty little campground that is much the same as it was in 2003. I ride into town to work a bit, and on the way back see rain storms in […]

  • Lake Havasu City

    Ann’s friend Lana has invited us to stay at her RV-friendly house in Lake Havasu. Ann thought she might like to go there for her birthday.

  • Our First Nomad Destination – Tucson, AZ

    Our first priority in choosing a destination has been to indulge in some warmth, but Ann noticed that in Tucson we could possibly indulge in an abundance of moderate climbing as well. I will be working more to keep us afloat, but of course I will find time for outdoor exploration too. The first thing […]

  • Home has wheels again

    We’ve been living in our camper again since our Christmas trip really, but we’re staying in Santa Fe while Ann transitions out of the job that has allowed me to focus on my freelance software work for a year now. This is a first step towards a rapid expansion our migrations thus far:

  • Under a higher roof

    Once again our life takes an unexpected turn. Ann’s job with Peter is great, I like it here in Santa Fe, and Peter needed a bigger office. Voila, we have swank new home office digs in The Lofts, which are right next door to the campground we stayed in last summer. The camper and trailer […]

  • Under a Roof

    This morning, with a measure of sadness and anxiety, I placed my home of the last six months in a storage lot for the winter. Our eight-foot Lance camper has been a better home than we dared hope. Yes, we’ve had to replace the water heater and contend with a number of irritating mechanical problems, […]

  • Life is but a Fanta Se

    Santa Fe feels a little dreamlike. I’m moving here, but I have everything I need with me already. Granted, everything in the cargo trailer is in a giant pile after my shelves collapsed during the bumpy ride. I don’t look forward to taking inventory of the damage. Even so, I feel like Santa Fe will […]

  • I’m jobless!

    I’ve enjoyed my 3 years and 7 months as a full-time web developer at Colorado State University, but I can’t remain an outdoor weekend warrior anymore! I’ll join Ann in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she is working, and I’ll have some time to explore. My first move is to launch a new website: Outdoorism Please […]

  • Ann Goes to Santa Fe

    Ann leaves today to start her new job in Santa Fe on Wednesday. I’ll have plenty of things to keep me busy: selling Moby Jane, fixing up the camper and cargo trailer, and taking steps toward my dream of true mobile work with a heavy dose of outdoor time. I’ll be here on my own […]