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  • 2022 Review

    It’s been a transformative year for me. I feel like a different person in many ways. There were a lot of challenges and I hope to share some of the things that helped me get through them. It was my last year with my father Daniel, much different from any other. At the end of…

  • Daniel Kreadman Kuhn left us today

    Daniel Kreadman Kuhn left us today

    My father Daniel died peacefully this morning, Sunday November 6 2022. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, and survived prostate cancer in 2015. I would like to write more about his life, but today is about giving and receiving love from all who knew him. Thank you.

  • Plan: Explore Reno

    Reno seems like a good mix of mountains and desert, not too far from Ann’s parents. Should be lots to do there and easy work situations.

  • Rack ’em up

    We’re spending time with Ann’s parents in Nampa, Idaho. With all the stuff we can’t carry stored here, this is where we reconfigure our rig for the next foray into the world. When we eliminated our cargo trailer last fall we rarely missed it except for one thing: our bikes. Having that extra transportation and…

  • Cache Creek Walk

    We made it to Jackson! And at last we get outside a bit. This is just a few miles of gentle snow walking up Cache Creek creek road, but hopefully is a sign of our physical recovery after being sick for so long… Ann hiking in the snow

  • Back in Nampa

    We’re up north again with Ann’s parents, getting used to shorter days and colder temperatures! The plan is to winterize the camper and take our old Subaru to Jackson Hole at the end of the month.

  • Sleepin’ in Twentynine Palms

    We arrive in the sultry warm Mojave desert, near the spot where we were married, and what do we do? Stop at the first RV park we look at, close the blinds, and sleep. The next day: work and sleep. We think the freedom we have to travel should imbue us with boundless energy, but…

  • Hawk Watcher’s Point

    Ann chooses this short and steep hike to do with our friend Elaine. I’ve been working hard and am grateful to get out into the Sandia Mountain Wilderness for some good air. Tres Pistoles Trailhead Trail 194 The trail winds through very climbable boulders, which rekindle some of my very dormant climbing itch. The destination,…

  • Oklahoma City Visit

    My old friend Nathan and his awesome girlfriend Grace break us right out of our routine by taking us to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s at a small venue in nearby Norman, keeping us up way past our bedtime. The cure for that comes the next morning at the Red Cup. Red…

  • A Morning at Weathertop Farm

    We make our way to Ann’s brother Randy’s place in Floyd, Virginia. He’s working part time on a friend’s farm, and we offer to spend a morning “helping” so we get to gawk at all the stuff going on here. Our first job is to head down the hill and feed the hogs. Randy shows…