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  • Taste of Hobo Life

    My first taste of CyberHobo life has been sweet, but it’s clear I’ll need to push harder if I’m going to survive. I used a family trip to test the hobo waters. There was only time for one job in Bay City, Michigan for Tom Starkweather at his Area Appraisers headquarters. While I wasn’t able […]

  • Hitting the Road

    My map has dots now as I make preparations to take to the highways. There is definitely potential for CyberHobo escapades. The big question now is how long it will be before someone snatches up the CyberHobo’s services long term. There are contenders in Denver and California, and they are neck and neck so far.

  • Lurking at Dad’s

    I’m actually enjoying Laramie so far. I just took a walk along snow-covered Spring Creek in front of my Dad’s house, and quacked back and forth with a bunch of ducks. That never seemed to happen in Denver, even on my mountain bike rides up Waterton Canyon. I’m also negotiating an invitation in the desert […]

  • Homeless!

    I’m homeless! Well, not quite totally yet, I’m regrouping in Wyoming at my dad’s. I’ve had two invitations from the west coast and one from the east to tempt me so far. One of them even offered the services of an attractive masseuse as compenstation – let’s have some more of that! I need to […]

  • My Grandfather Passes On

    While I wasn’t there when my grandfather died, I’m eternally grateful for the week I spent helping to care for him in the hospital prior to his death. As a child he was a magical figure to me, the source of gifts, desserts, far-fetched stories, and fishing trips. As an adult I marvel at his […]

  • New Address

    Yesterday I made the calls to have my phone & utilities shut down. Just for kicks, when the lady asked for my forwarding address I said, “”. And she asked, “Is there an apartment number there?”

  • Almost There

    I’m not quite an official hobo yet – my current lease in Denver ends on Oct. 14. I hope to get this site operating before then. After that, it’s up to you to invite me someplace interesting!