Oklahoma City Visit

My old friend Nathan and his awesome girlfriend Grace break us right out of our routine by taking us to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s at a small venue in nearby Norman, keeping us up way past our bedtime. The cure for that comes the next morning at the Red Cup.

Red Cup Coffee


We’re soon fortified for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, which contains a wide variety of artwork, but is still small enough to see in one visit. The Dale Chihuly glass collection is enough to make you wonder what can’t be done with glass. It’s “family day”, which we thought might be annoying, but it’s fun to watch the kids go nuts over Jonathan Hils car sculptures, and parents nervously fail to explain the gritty, sexual images of Luis Jiménez.

Dale Chihuly Exhibit

Jonathan Hils Exhibit

That’s followed by espresso strong enough to feel in your brain cells at Coffee Slingers. Soon enough dinner rolls around, and we’re wowed by the raw vegan cuisine at 105 degrees. And so ends my first ever full day spent in Oklahoma, woot!

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