Rack ’em up

We’re spending time with Ann’s parents in Nampa, Idaho. With all the stuff we can’t carry stored here, this is where we reconfigure our rig for the next foray into the world. When we eliminated our cargo trailer last fall we rarely missed it except for one thing: our bikes. Having that extra transportation and recreation option available is worth some trouble. Putting a couple of bikes on a rack wouldn’t be too big a deal on most rigs, but we have two unusual problems. First, since we’re too snobby to ride “normal” bikes, we have to find a rack for our frou-frou recumbent bikes. Second, the door to our home is in the back of our truck, right above the trailer hitch where most bike racks go. It took some doing to find a bike rack that had any potential to work, but today the Fed Ex guy delivers our candidate, a Hitch Rider Long Haul. With some trepidation we set about the assembly.


It was looking pretty good, but what about access to the camper?


Voila, the emergency pee stop is covered. So will it all hold together on the road? Let’s hope so…

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