WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.2

Yes, another one! In today’s episode, I learn not to speak English. But for those in a hurry, if you have 1.2.1 running, this isn’t a crucial upgrade. If you had any trouble installing 1.2.1, try 1.2.2.

WordPress provides some help to plugins that need to upgrade their tables, but it often causes some silent harmless database errors in the background. I wanted to ignore these, but scan for real problems. As it turns out, my code thought this looked like a real problem:

WordPress database error: [Zdefiniowano wiele kluczy podstawowych]

That’s polish for “Defined multiple primary keys”, one of the harmless things WordPress tries to do. So in 1.2.2 I quit speaking English and stick to SQL, which looks the same in a Polish database.

While I was at it I added some code to prevent timeouts during the conversion, fix a problem with the default category for pages, and a problem that prevented the info window from loading. Have fun.

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