WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2

Feedback on 1.2beta2 has been good, so I have released 1.2. It’s working like a champ on a number of production sites already.

This is the best Geo Mashup release so far, I think, largely because several organizations have hired me for Geo Mashup-related work, which has really helped the quality of the plugin. Individual donations have been encouraging as well.

So look at the documentation, especially considerations when upgrading, and enjoy.

2 responses to “WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2”

  1. This is a fantastic plugin (have been testing on WordPress with excellent results). Thanks!!

    Is there any means of generating the map from data contained in the post i.e. instead of having to ‘manually’ specify the location in the map and then save the map with the post. I am wanting to, for example, write an address in the post itself and then have the map generated from the address in the post. Any guidance will be very much appreciated!

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