WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2.1

Whew, this one has been educational for me. It began with the discovery that the data conversion process in 1.2 was not compatible with MySQL 4, despite appearances to the contrary in the old manuals. Lesson 1: as long as I can afford a test bed on MySQL 4, keep it around. As I worked on fixing this I realized that in the new WordPress plugin manager interface it’s so easy to upgrade without reading anything, that there’s an instant expectation that everything will just work immediately after the plugin is activated. To play better in that model, I’ve automated the data conversion, and a added a log of what happened to the options page in case something does need manual attention.

Thankfully, MySQL 4 is more and more rare. Geo Mashup 1.2 was downloaded well over 500 times in less than a week, and the few people who reported back with problems have been really helpful. I’m hoping this means we’re all on the road to big things together.

See you in the documentation, downloads, and discussion group.

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