WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2 Beta 1

Interest in Geo Mashup is on the rise, and I will keep working on improvements as long I can afford to! This time around supporters include Bruce, creator of GeoTag Icons, agro.biodiver.se, www.sunshinebeachresorts.com.au, and others. Thanks!

I recommend that you look over the Beta Documentation before you download, upgrade, (and donate?:)).

Change Log:

  • Added category, color, single, and multiple post icon customization.
  • Added tabs to the options page using jQuery from WP core.
  • Added “click to load” option.
  • Added Google Earth map type.
  • Added Jodi’s option to apply the current theme stylesheet to the map.
  • Added “map_content” parameter to distinguish global, single, and contextual maps.
  • Added experimental static image map.
  • Corrected XHTML validation issues.
  • Added retries to clickMarker for IE.
  • Lots of code refactoring.
  • Added code to strip geo mashup tags from excerpts to avoid infinite regressions.
  • Factored options management out of geo-mashup.php to geo-mashup-options.php.
  • Added option validation.
  • Avoided PHP5 features to follow WP’s support of PHP4.
  • Added contextual map default options.
  • Added template url path to map properties.

2 responses to “WordPress Geo Mashup Release 1.2 Beta 1”

  1. Great plugin, I’m excited about the next release, do you have a planned release date?

    I’m founding some minor bugs in the current version with show on map link

  2. Arturo,

    I am working on another beta release with lots of new features, but I have to fit it in with other work, so I can’t really keep to a schedule.

    Please do comment on or create an issue if you’ve found a bug, that’s what the beta releases are all about!

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