Day 143, Last Day

Little Divide Lake to Scab Creek Trailhead
5 mi ::
Sunny and warm

Reluctantly we bid goodbye to the Wind River Range. This will probably be our last day of backpacking on the trip. I think it marks the end of our honeymoon on the continental divide as well. We still plan to spend a week with Ann’s parents in Jackson, so the vacation will continue a little longer, but our heads are now filling with thoughts of resumes and job interviews. Next week we’ll draw our last breath of pressure-free air before plunging back into the world of jobs and housing. We have loved our life in the outdoors, but we’re both ready to begin living under a roof again. One thing, though, will remain the same for some time to come: we have no idea what to expect.

2 responses to “Day 143, Last Day”

  1. You’re always welcome to come back to Ridgecrest!!! Be sure to let us know where you land.

    Sorry to see your trek come to an “end”. Happy you took the effort to keep us all posted. It has been a great abstraction from my deskjob to read your poetry.

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