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  • Perimeter Tour Journals Finished

    It’s taken me a while, but I finally got all my journals and pictures posted from my bike tour around the perimeter of the United States.

  • Day 255 – The Finish Line

    I have a good breakfast and a liesurely morning ride through Eureka to my starting point, Arcata. Time seems to slow down as the finish line approaches. I ride into town at noon, when they sound their warning siren. It rises and falls slowly as I ride by. When I reach the town square it […]

  • Day 254

    Piercy, CA to Fortuna, CA My new tire holds up well this morning. When I reach Humbolt Redwoods State Park I exit 101 for the much more peaceful Avenue of the Giants highway. I ride slowly between the toes of the of the giant redwoods for most of the day, swathed in their mighty shadows. […]

  • Day 253

    Rockport, CA to Piercy, CA In the morning I bid farewell to the ocean and start cranking up Legett Hill. Mossy oaks provide good shade for the work. I get so absorbed in the cranking that I don’t investigate the periodic noise that has developed in the back wheel. Half a mile short of the […]

  • Day 252

    Stewart’s Point?, CA to Rockport?, CA My last day of riding on the coast. I explore Fort Bragg a bit – it has a strange sort of old west look to it. Lots of wooden storefronts. Maybe it’s to go with the logging trucks that roll through on highway 1. I find break fast and […]

  • Day 251

    Forestville, CA to Stewart’s Point?, CA I start the day with a nice ride along the Russian River out to Bodega Bay. When I was 12 my mom and Bruce took me on a group trip called the CoastWalk where we walked the coast through Sonoma and Mendicino counties. These distant memories emerge again as […]

  • Days 241-250

    Forestville, CA Forestville provides an excellent respite from the road. I eat and help cook marvelous meals with Bruce and his wife Mary. I spend a very full day riding backroads south past Sebastapol, Rohnert Park and Petaluma. I was hoping to make it back to the Golden Gate, but it proves too far for […]

  • Day 240

    Berkeley, CA to San Francisco, CA I ride the BART over the bay to San Francisco in the morning. I call Bruce to plan a meeting, and he proposes coming down to pick me up today. I have a few hours to hang out, so I munch on calamari on the wharf and talk with […]

  • Day 239

    San Mateo, CA to Berkeley, CA Starting early, I head toward the bay with no idea what I’ll find there. I’m soon riding through the mirred towers of the headquarters of Oracle, Inc. The buildings themselves look like giant flowchart databases. No one is around this early, and the morning sun reflects blue off the […]

  • Day 238

    Half Moon Bay, CA to San Mateo, CA I’m not exactly sure what the cause was, but my trip changed at this point. You may have noticed that a while back I stopped keeping the detailed statistics on my daily riding time, milage, and spending. Often during the trip I would go a few days […]