Perimeter Tour Journals Finished

It’s taken me a while, but I finally got all my journals and pictures posted from my bike tour around the perimeter of the United States.

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  1. It’s pretty raw stuff – the journals were written more for myself than to interest others. I’m curious how others will see it, though – feel free to leave comments even if just to say, this is really boring.

    Vedauwoo – we haven’t touched any of the wide stuff yet. I’m afraid of it, and I need more big gear 😀

  2. Cool more distractions for me from day to day living. LOVE it. I think I’m on day 3 or something. I’ll have to limit myself to a certain number every day 8^)

  3. I have enjoyed your journal. While you were able to do it in the early part of your life, I will be making a trip (or several) in the latter part of mine. I will do an east to west cross-country in approximately two years, when I am 58 years old. After that I plan to do a big trip every year until I am unable, hopefully in my 90’s. (I actually knew a guy who was 72 who still did a hundred mile trip every week).

    I gave up diamond frame bikes two years ago when I read about recumbents. I had seen them occasionally, but did not realize what an advantage they are. I put away my Cannondale, and will be on a swb recumbent within a month. Currently living and working in Bermuda, so the riding is limited. However, I will have to get some serious riding in before I move back to the states and do the big ride.

    Sorry for the rambling. Just writing as I think. Congratulations on your achievement eleven years ago. I hope you still ride, and that life is treating you well while giving you enough challenges to make it interesting.


  4. Just found your website! I received the Guinness World Record back in 1980 for bicycling the Perimeter of the Continental U.S.: “Around the USA in 180 days – 12,092 miles” My Perimeter ASdventure started in Seattle on September 10, 1978 and finished in Seattle on March 8, 1979. Since that time I’ve been researching others who cycled the US Edge and have found 10 others. I’ve been in contact with each of these other Perimeter Cyclists and their names are listed in the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America World Bicycling Accomplishments. Would very much like to get in touch with you and list your accomplishment and become acquainted with you. I have also bicycled the Perimeter of the four main islands of Japan (1981) – another Guinness World Record. Please contact me. More than likely I’ll be doing another Perimeter in 2014

    Richard J. DeBernardis

    • Good to meet you Richard! I met several others attempting a perimeter ride while I was on the road, and one couple who claimed to be on their second round. I’ll be in touch 🙂

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