Day 240

Berkeley, CA to San Francisco, CA

I ride the BART over the bay to San Francisco in the morning. I call Bruce to plan a meeting, and he proposes coming down to pick me up today. I have a few hours to hang out, so I munch on calamari on the wharf and talk with a guy who claims he’s built the shortest wheel-based recumbent in the world, about 28 inches. The thing is fun to ride – instead of reclining it props you up into a standing position.

Golden Gate

Eventually I make my way across the bridge, trying to envision what this bay must have looked like before being dominated by this mammoth red conveyance. I must admit, the bridge makes for an incredible view.

Bruce Schadel

Bruce meets me on the north side and takes me to his house tucked away in the woods of Forestville. I plan to take a rest here, meet up with my mom, and make a day excursion back south to the Golden Gate Bridge on the bike at some point.

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