Life is but a Fanta Se

Santa Fe feels a little dreamlike. I’m moving here, but I have everything I need with me already. Granted, everything in the cargo trailer is in a giant pile after my shelves collapsed during the bumpy ride. I don’t look forward to taking inventory of the damage. Even so, I feel like Santa Fe will be what I make of it, regardless of the state of my stuff. I don’t recall feeling quite like this ever before.

Soon a slew of practicalities engulf me, and I’m happy there are at least no hard deadlines. Ann and I stay at our friend Peter’s house while I set up my laptop, empty the trailer, find very little damage, rebuild the shelves, do laundry, and so on. I take naps. When Ann is packed up, we move to our new homesite, Los Campos de Santa Fe. We’re packed in a little tighter than we’re used to here, and the wifi doesn’t seem to work, but there is shade and a mellow feel to it. T-Rex seems comfortable snooping along the coyote fence and sleeping under the trailer.

When the practicalities subside, it will be time to make plans. Until then, I’m just enjoying the taste of freedom.

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  1. So far the free wifi requires sitting outside the bathroom to get connected, but I’m not complaining! I think of your shelter descriptions, and know I have a very good life. I’d wish nothing less for you!

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