Our First Nomad Destination – Tucson, AZ

Our first priority in choosing a destination has been to indulge in some warmth, but Ann noticed that in Tucson we could possibly indulge in an abundance of moderate climbing as well. I will be working more to keep us afloat, but of course I will find time for outdoor exploration too.

The first thing I notice when we arrive is that we’re in desert, but not the kind we’re used to. The variety of cactus is stunning, especially of course the distinctive Giant Saguaro. The air is full of smells that remind me of moist climates: citrus, lilac, aloe, and many unidentifiable scents that contribute strongly to the “new place” feeling. The air is lusciously warm.

We worry about the RV park at first. It’s cramped and close to a busy road. The longer we’re here, though, the more comfortable we feel.

Pima Swan RV Park

When the mountains first emerge from the clouds, I know we’re in for some fun. I introduce myself to the city with a bike ride to trailhead on the outskirts of town. The wealthy neighborhoods here are a nonstop tangle of the craziest xeriscaping I’ve ever seen. The trail shoots steeply up towards the rocky peaks. We should be able to stay busy for a month here!

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  1. Hoorah! You’re there! Wow, it makes me want to hit the road, even though I’m in high nesting mode these days. Keep us all posted on your enviable life.

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