hobolog Guest Appearance: Rich Shapero

Rich Shapero

Next week Rich Shapero will make the first guest appearance ever on the hobolog. Rich is exploring alternative ways to promote his new book, WILD ANIMUS. He has started his own publishing company, Too Far, given away thousands of promotional copies of the book (I received one via FedEx), and generally shunned traditional publishing methods. He began writing the book during a 400-mile hike through the Alaskan Wrangells, and the book contains vivid episodes of Alaskan climbing.

This is an experiment for both of us. I’ve only started reading the book, and all I can say about it so far is that it is not a typical mainstream novel, or even a mainstream climbing novel. I have no idea what Rich will post, but I get the sense he is a renegade of sorts and likes to challenge people. So we’ll see what he has in store for us, and have a chance to ask him questions about his unusual endeavor and perhaps challenge him as well!

Peter Miles Reginold Bergman

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Ann and I are staying at Pete’s house in Denver at the moment. He and his wife Jess are taking care of our dog Jezze while we’re on the trail. They orginally planned to hike with us, and even though circumstances forced them to cancel those plans, they’ll still be playing a major role in our journey.

I first encountered Pete in Junior High, when I was trying to figure out how to reject social norms without too much ridicule and he was into school athletics. We would probably not have become good friends, but one summer we were both interested in working, saving money for school, and skateboarding, so we loaded up my van and went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We lived outdoors there in the Gros Ventre wilderness and worked together cleaning condos. It was during this time that Pete told me about his desire to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which we attempted in 1996. He encouraged me (and everyone else) to become a member of the Institute of Sociometry. Our friendship has had a profound impact on my life.

Jeff Engle

Ann and I met Jeff and Karen climbing Come Sail Away in Joshua Tree. They seemed to have a hoboesque appreciation of life, and we met them again this last weekend for more good climbs. Jeff is a climbing guide, and took us to some excellent climbs we hadn’t done yet. Like me he’s also into self-expression on the web, which you can sample on his home page.

Richard Nathan

While taking one of only a few car rides during my 8-month bicycle tour, I saw a guy with a backpack sauntering along a quiet coastal road in southern Maine. Being used to investigating things of interest by that time, I was frustrated to watch him disappear in the back window.

Later I had the luck to catch up to him on my bicycle, and learned that he was attempting to retrace the 4,000-mile journey of 3 English sailors who were shipwrecked in Mexico and rescued in Novia Scotia in 1569. Richard’s reversal of this journey is documented on his website at

Molly Willmschen

Molly gave me my first Cyberhobo job, in Laramie Wyoming. She wrote me this glowing review:

Cyberhobo (aka Dylan Kuhn) set me up at home for computer use. He found me a used computer that would meet my needs for the lowest cost possible, “cleaned up” the machine so it would be faster, found a local internet provider that has the best service for the lowest cost, went to establish an account with me, told me all the things I would need to buy to set up the computer at home and helped me purchase such items, he then set up the computer so all I had to do was follow directions. I have absolutely no computer skills so having Cyberhobo here to guide me through all the steps was essential. I have learned much from Cyberhobo and I have tapped his knowlodge several times since. Not only is Dylan a delightful man, he is a smart and trustworthy employee. If you have no computer needs, I encourage you to read his stories of adventure posted on this website as they are most entertaining. If you have a computer need, contact Cyberhobo and meet one of the most talented (certainly the sexiest) men in the business.

Thanks Miss Molly!