Peter Miles Reginold Bergman

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Ann and I are staying at Pete’s house in Denver at the moment. He and his wife Jess are taking care of our dog Jezze while we’re on the trail. They orginally planned to hike with us, and even though circumstances forced them to cancel those plans, they’ll still be playing a major role in our journey.

I first encountered Pete in Junior High, when I was trying to figure out how to reject social norms without too much ridicule and he was into school athletics. We would probably not have become good friends, but one summer we were both interested in working, saving money for school, and skateboarding, so we loaded up my van and went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We lived outdoors there in the Gros Ventre wilderness and worked together cleaning condos. It was during this time that Pete told me about his desire to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which we attempted in 1996. He encouraged me (and everyone else) to become a member of the Institute of Sociometry. Our friendship has had a profound impact on my life.


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  1. Ah Pete. He’s internationally famous, you know. I meet people
    from damned near everywhere who accidentally flash an Institute
    of Sociometry card when they’re about to pay for a burrito. Mostly
    I just smile and say nothing, but every once in awhile, when they’ve
    obviously got an accent, I have to ask them


    I used to live across the hall from Pete. He changed my life too,
    though I didn’t get to hang out with him much. He was always doing
    something that rapidly approached genius.


  2. Knowing Pete has profoundly affected my life too. I knew him as a little tyke, exhibiting artistic tendencies by the time he was 18 monhs old and could just barely manage his fine motor controls, playing nice sounding tunes on the piano too. By second grade his artwork was first published, as an example of truely beyond-the-norm perception. While he was growing up he was charismatic and nice looking too, still is. In fact, it’s impressive that he could manage to look so scarey in this featured photo. BOO!

  3. Although I have not seen Peter in almost 15 years, wow that long, I feel like he is still my friend. All I have to say about Peter is this. He was one of the most sincere and honest friends I ever had. Peter affected everyone and everything around in for the better. Thats all, a little Peter praise for the day.-Andy B.

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