hobolog Guest Appearance: Rich Shapero

Rich Shapero

Next week Rich Shapero will make the first guest appearance ever on the hobolog. Rich is exploring alternative ways to promote his new book, WILD ANIMUS. He has started his own publishing company, Too Far, given away thousands of promotional copies of the book (I received one via FedEx), and generally shunned traditional publishing methods. He began writing the book during a 400-mile hike through the Alaskan Wrangells, and the book contains vivid episodes of Alaskan climbing.

This is an experiment for both of us. I’ve only started reading the book, and all I can say about it so far is that it is not a typical mainstream novel, or even a mainstream climbing novel. I have no idea what Rich will post, but I get the sense he is a renegade of sorts and likes to challenge people. So we’ll see what he has in store for us, and have a chance to ask him questions about his unusual endeavor and perhaps challenge him as well!